Why choose BitAU?


At this moment in time, it’s hard to trust any currency in the world.
Let’s take a quick look at the options available today:

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Fix Deposits

Unlike years before, today’s returns on fix deposits are below the inflation rate (+1.2% year to date gain).

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Bonds and Stocks

Traditional investment is something that you will continue pursuing, but did you ever think about diversification ( bond's inflation calculation = +22% year to date gain )

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A highly volatile market with risk as the only constant (-90% to +2000% year to date loss/gain).

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Gold & Metal

Always a good investment with one downside - gold doesn’t grow in quantity ( +7% year to date gain ).

Due to its high reliability with regular gain and minimal risk,
BitAU is often referred to as the 'gold chip of crypto'.

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Profitable Inflation

The more BitAU is coined and exchanged, the greater the value per BitAU in gold.

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Growing Value

BitAU's gold based value is constantly growing with its use and coinage.

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Gold Blockchain

BitAU is secured by Bitcoin's blockchain.

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The Gold Base

BitAU value is based on gold and can be exchanged for gold anytime.

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Shared Fees

All transaction fees are collected by the BitAU miner, and its value is distributed to all users.

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Common Wealth

BitAU has the first digital common wealth, represented by an open non-profit, BitAU Network.